Memory Maker Share : January / February 2016

I am going Feb 1 - feb5. Can I get in on this?

I will be there 1/23-1/27, and am also interested. Maybe if the original posters already moved forward with this, some of us stragglers could mirror what they do in a second group?

@piggypoast and @Gardn114 I sent you a message. Please respond ASAP.


I realize I am very late to this party - but I would be interested in joining also! We’ll be there from 1/24 to 1/30.

@mrslisadawn I just sent you a private message.

I am there (in parks) 1/24 - 1/31. Keep debating about a share. Mostly worry with how many folks are on. I’ve done it before with just 1-2 friends. Is there space and what are your thoughts on # of people sharing?

@mrslisadawn @walshdisney13 Is there still space available? We’ll be there 1/25-1/31 and would love to join. Just found out about this whole sharing thing

Hi @bmitch3. We have already formed a group, but I think that @mrslisadawn was waiting to hear back from someone whether they were still in or not…@mrslisadawn, do you have any info for @bmitch3, or should people start working on a different group share?

I’d also like to be in a new sharing group if possible. Going 2/4-2/8

We will be there January 30-Feb 4th. We would love to get in a group. Any availability?

@bmitch3, @aliterofsoda, and @Pace_wendy You could always start another group. I will help if you are in need of help.

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@amonthego You could join them :slight_smile: That would give you a party of 4 if one of you wanted to lead.

Hi, I got in another share, although just working out details now. I believe we have 4 committed and limiting it to that.

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Could you give a quick rundown about how it should work? I am a little nervous about something going wrong.

I sent you a personal message @Pace_wendy

I’d love to get in on a share but I’m new to this. Can anyone help? Our trip is 2/1-2/8.

Isn’t a share illegal?
Isn’t it possible Disney could deny you the pictures if you’re caught?

No, memory maker is designed to share among friends and families. People set it up in a different system so that no one can mistakenly cancel a FP or ADR.

Would love to get in on a share, trip is from Feb 1st-5th.

Does anyone still want to do a share? I can take the lead if needed.