Memory Maker Share : January / February 2016

I saw someone post about doing this in September and it sounded like a great idea. I would like to see if anyone is interested in sharing a Memory Maker beginning in end of January / early February). I would prefer for my dates to be the start of the Memory Maker share - so that would mean that the Memory Maker would run from January 23 through February 22.

Per that other post ( ):

"If you are not familiar with what a Memory Maker share group is, basically you get a group of people together who are all going to be traveling to Disney World around the same time and you split the cost of the Memory Maker package. You have 30 days from the date that the first picture was taken until the last picture is taken. Then you have a period of time (I believe it is something like 60-90 days?) to actually go in and download those pictures.

The advantage to doing this is is that the entire group can split the cost of one Memory Maker share package. So instead of paying $169 you get to split the cost between the number of groups that you have."

If anyone is interested in joining up with my group to do a Memory Maker share please reply to this thread.

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We will be there for Mardi Gras. Count me as a possible.

I’ve been researching articles on how to do this efficiently!

@kellieann5 are you still planning this?? I’m interested. I’ll be there Jan 30-Feb 5

Count me in if you’re still doing this! We will be there Jan. 22-25, but your dates should be fine since we wont be in the parks until the 23rd.

Hi @kellieann5 ! Are you still planning this? If there’s room, we’re interested too :slight_smile: family of 4, there Jan 26-feb1, 2016

@DoCouto_a and @catdrj Do you want to all join up? I haven’t done a share before but it seems pretty easy.

Sounds good!

Sounds good to me too :slight_smile: will you be taking the lead @bigsar1? And how would you like me to pay (saw PayPal as an option on other posts about sharing)… Last thought, we’re from Canada, but don’t see how this would cause any issue, can you guys? @bigsar1 @catdrj

The only thing I wonder about with you being from Canada is how PayPal would work with international payments. Have you used PayPal for U.S. purchases before?

That should be no problem at all… I use PayPal for shopping out of the states quite a bit (etsy). I think I just bought something online today lol

Great lets do it! I think PayPal would be the best way. Do you want to send me your email addresses?

Just sent it!

Great thanks @catdrj. @DoCouto_a are you still interested? It would be good if we could find one more person to join in to cut the cost a little more. I also got a great how-to document from another Liner who has led other shares.

I’m interested in joining a MM share. I’m going Jan 25-29.

I’m in and will send you my email in a moment

I may be interested if it is still available. We are traveling Feb 18-21

I am interested if this is still available! We are a family of 6 going January 31-February 5.

I’m interested in a share as well. I’m only going to be there Jan 23-25, with one park day, but it’s worth it if I can get in a share.

I already joined one but it looks like there are lots of folks here who can start up another one!