Memory Maker Share Help Please

So I have been trying to find info and reading up on how to share memory maker with others, but still have so many questions. This will be my first time sharing (if even possible) and even my first time purchasing memory maker! So all advice and help is greatly appreciated!

One of my daughter’s classmates, whose family I am very friendly with, will be going to Disney the same week as us. We both agreed it would be great to split the cost of a memory maker if we could. So here are my questions…

  1. Should I set up a dummy account if I know and trust the person I am sharing with? Will this make it easier for us in regards to not messing up each other’s dining and FP reservations?

  2. Can we even share a memory maker if we are going at the same time? We will not be in the same park every day and have our own schedules.

3)What else do I need to know to set this up so it works successfully and we both get all our pictures?

you can definitely share whether you’ll be in the same park or not. If they are your friends you wouldn’t need a dummy account. If you buy memory maker and add them to your friends list they will be included.

If you know each other persoanlly, the primary advantage of the dummy account is having an account that everyone can know the password to. So then everyone can just download their own photos.

To avoid messing up someone else’s plans, make sure you check “only shared plans”.

The other “benefit” of having the dummy account is that you will not have to connect to everyone in your own MDE account which means fewer listed individuals when scheduling FPP and ADR. But if you are going to plan anything together, you will need to connect anyway.

The only thing that could “mess up” is if not all individuals are connected to whatever account owns the memory maker. I have my own MDE login and my DH is managed as a guest in my account. If I only connect me, only pics I scan will show up. I have to connect myself and my DH to make sure if he scans for photos that we get those too.

How do I connect my DH, and children if they are managed by me? My friend has added me to her account using the email I provided, but how does she add the rest of my family?

Sorry, if this is an obvious question. I am very new at this.

So I believe if they put your DH’s name and then your email address it should connect him.

Your child may work in the same way, but I believe if they are under a certain age, they may not be able too be connected? I might be wrong about that though.