Memory Maker Share Group for late April/May

Is anyone interested in getting a group of people together to share a Memory Maker package? My travel dates are April 30-May 4th (2015). I would like to share Memory Maker among 4-6 groups of people. If you have any interest in these dates please reply to this post.

I’m interested. Do you have any other families?

Also interested, travel dates 5/7-5/12.

No other families yet, but I’m ok with doing it with three families of y’all are ok with that. I’d like to give it a short little while to see if anyone else can join in though.

Nails814 - when are your travel dates?

4/25 - 5/2

Will we set up a dummy MDE account? I don’t mind being the one to set it up…

I will be there from 4/22-4/27. Can I join your MM share?

@princegirls That should work…let’s wait on @ajcannon and @kelgod09 and see what the game plan is. Has anyone else participated in a MM share with a dummy account? Thanks.

Sorry everyone, I was out of town all day today. Yes all of these dates should work. We will need to set up a dummy account. I do not mind if I am the one to do it or you are more than welcome to. I have never done this before but I have read about it. I am looking forward to this.

This is great! Wasn’t gonna purchase for this trip as it’s just me and DH going, but now this makes more sense to split it. Thanks so much! I have not done before (but read a little also) and am OK with whoever wants to set it up.
Once we pay with PayPal to whoever sets it up, we get the log in info and link ourselves and friends? And the pictures linked to our MBs will link to that account? Then, after the last trip we can upload our own pics to our computers?

Same here. It is just my wife and I on this trip so we didn’t want to spend all the money for just us. But it does make sense if we can split it up like this.

I am still out at a baseball field right now but when I get back home I will post on here again and we will try to get this set up.

I would like to participate as well - trip dates 4/20-4/24

Ok with jenlsmith that makes five groups so the total cost would be $33.80 per group. Is that good with everyone? It looks like our dates range from April 20th-May 12th so we need to get the Memory Maker booked so that the group that comes in on the 20th can take advantage of it.

Are these terms agreeable to everyone? If so I can buy the memory maker tomorrow. Can everyone pay via PayPal?

Yes, that’s agreeable, and I can pay via Paypal. Thank you, I was anxious whether it could be set up in time for my trip.

I’m good with it. In the dummy account, will it be set up where we all have access? Can it be set where no one can change others plans, etc? Thanks.

Sounds agreeable to me!

OK Sounds good. I will wait for another day or so to see weather or not @princegirls wants to join in. If she does join then it will be $33.80 per group, otherwise it will be 42.25 per group (let me know if anyone has a problem with that).

I will read up today/tonight about how to get everything set up. I know that we had to have a dummy account and I know that you can do it so that the others can not make changes to any of your other plans, but I just don’t know HOW to do that (yet). @nails814 if you are interested/willing you are certainly welcome to actually control the dummy account - it doesn’t really matter to me. Just let me know weather you want to do it or you want me to do it.

Once we hear back from @princegirls we will get this started. The first date that someone from our group will be in Disney World will be 4/20 which means that we only have until 4/17 to actually get this set up. So just to be on the safe side, I think we need to set this up tomorrow even if we don’t hear back from @princegirls.

We’ll touch base again later today or tomorrow morning and settle everything then.

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As I understand it, just by having the dummy account, no one is able to view or change anyone else’s plans, because those are in each of our separate “real” MDE accounts. It also seems whomever purchases the Memory Maker should initiate the dummy account. Looking forward to getting this set up.

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I am in and I can pay by paypal. Thanks! What other info do you need from me?

OK Great. I will get everything set up. I think I will need everyone’s email address - once I have that I will send everyone a payment request through PayPal. I will create the dummy MDE account and order the Memory Maker from that account and will add everyone as friends.

Please send me an email address along with your name on here. You can email this information to me at Thanks everyone!

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