Memory Maker Share for September 2015

Hi! I’m late to the game here, but my group would be interested in joining! We’ll be in the world from Sept. 24-27, and it’s a group of 3. I would be covering this whole group though as a surprise. :smile: I’ll send you an email as well…

We’d love to have you join us, and if everyone who has expressed interest so far is still interested that will make six parties which will bring the cost down to $28.17 per group. Thanks to the ones who have emailed me so far - I will wait until I get the others email addresses and will send out one email with further information. Thanks everyone!

I’m going Sept 14-19 with my parents and 2 kids. Their first time, and I’d love to have the Memory Maker if you are in for another group. I didn’t see anyone else on the same week, and don’t know if that matters.


Hey everyone (@Mickeyfans @sporte91 @jenphalian @rivercountrygirl @jec4289 @liz_andrews_25) I have some questions. First, I just realized that I accidentally “oversold” our Memory Maker share. Meaning that so far we have seven interested parties who I have already told that they could join us.

In one of my original posts, I mentioned that I would like up to six groups to be involved with our share because that is the number that I have heard is a good maximum to have. The reasons why you don’t want too many groups is two-fold. First, there are just more pictures on the site to sort through which makes it harder to find the ones that you are looking for (I personally don’t think that is a very big deal though as they are separated by park and by date, so it’s pretty easy to find what you are looking for unless you forget what park/day something happened on.) The second reason is that the more pictures that are uploaded to the site the slower the Memory Maker website is. I did possibly run into this problem when I did this back in May, but it was never a problem and I am not even sure if the site was being slow or if it was just normal Disney IT issues.

So with all of that said…does anyone have a problem with having seven groups instead of six? So far I have not been emailed by everyone yet, so I am still waiting to hear from a few of you. Assuming we have seven groups then each group would have a cost of $24.14.

Now…one more question. I have been contacted by two additional interested parties (one of which is @mdixon, and another one was via email) wanting to know if they could join our group also. We technically already have seven groups, so adding these other two would make a total of nine groups. On the one hand, that would bring the cost down to only $18.78 per group, but on the other hand, it would add more pictures to the site.

I will throw in my vote that I am perfectly fine with having all nine groups involved (but no more than that please). But I am also OK with only doing the original seven that I agreed to. And if anyone would rather not be in a group of seven then I would completely understand that too, which would bring us back down to only six groups.

So…let me know how you feel about sharing this Memory Maker with seven groups and also with nine groups. And if you were one of the original seven and you have not emailed me yet get in touch with me at

I would love to have this all taken care of within a week or so. Talk to you soon!


I am fine with 7 and/or 9 groups. Thanks so much, @ajcannon, for setting all this up and getting us organized!!!

@ajcannon I too am fine with either 7 or 9 groups. Whatever the general consensus is. Let me add my thanks for all you are doing.

completely off topic, but what does the 100,000 stepper beside your name mean @jec4289 ?

(Thanks for the replies @sporte91 @jec4289)

On first visit to WDW in 30 years and wearing a fitbit I walked 150,000 steps. @LaurenB gave me the title of 100,000 stepper when I reached that goal. Last visit in April, I managed 60 miles in a week with a knee that needs a joint replacement. Two more cortisone shots later, I’m curious to see how far I can go in 14 days

Wow! That is amazing. So over how many days did you get the 150,000 steps? I just looked back at my trip in April/May and on that trip I did:

April 30th - 35,101
May 1 - 37,029
May 2 - 22,989
May 3 - 48,076
May 4 - 12,724

I’ve actually got a goal of doing 75,000 steps in ONE DAY during this upcoming September trip…I don’t know that I will actually get there (especially since I will have my children with me this time), but I am going to give it a shot.

Between WDW and Uni 6 park days but I didn’t leave hotel room except for dinner on one day. I was traveling solo so could do what I wanted

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Whatever is the group consensus!

@rivercountrygirl can you send me an email at so that I will have your email address? That is the last piece of information I am waiting on…thank you!

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OK I have heard back from everyone now…so far no one has objected to having as many as nine groups in our Memory Maker Share, so I am going to go with that.

@mdixon will you please email me at with your trip dates so that I will have your email address?

Once I get your email address and the one other person, I will start getting everything put together and once I have it I will send out payment requests via PayPal. Is everyone OK with paying via PayPal? I will have already purchased the Memory Maker.

Thanks again everyone!

My email is giving me grief so I’ll respond here. I’m perfectly fine with more groups joining, and I’m ready to pay whenever you send out the request. Thank you again for setting this up!

Paypal is great!

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Hey All, I am going September 2-8th. Any room for one more? I have shared and organized a share before.

I’m sorry but we have already started collecting payments from everyone, so there’s no more room in our group. I know there are others interested in joining though, so since you have done it before you might be able to start another group and get enough people together to make it worthwhile. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.

No problem. I figured as much so started my own thread. Thank you!


I am interested in getting a memory maker share organized for my trip late October early November. Once all members who want to participate pay me via pay pal how do I give them access to the memory maker? TIA

Send me an email at and I will email you a file that explains everything. Have a great weekend!