Memory maker share for October 2017

I’ve seen the posts for the memory maker shares and I would love to be a part of one. Idk if one has been set up yet but we will be there october 27th-nov 1st and would love to either make a share or join one if anyone knows of one!


I’ll be there the 28th - Nov 5, and I’m interested in a share.

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Awesome… I think if we can get 3 more we should b good! I haven’t ever done memory maker or sharing of it so maybe someone with some experience will want to b a part of it lol!!

I know my cousin will be there, he may be interested but he’s not on here. I’ll get back to you :blush:

He’s in! He’s there 10/15-23, and is not comfortable creating the share. Happy to pass on his email if you want it.

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Sounds good! Worse comes to worse i can read lots of posts and figure it out lol!!

I didn’t create it last time I did it, but I managed the downloads, and I have the .pdf instruction book for managing shares.

Is this something you could share? Or can I buy it somewhere?

I paid $0.99 for it, but I just checked and it’s out of print. I suppose I can share it. I’ll PM you.

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I see there’s a facebook group for October now too, so we can check there for a few more people.

Awesome I just joined the group

Here’s the November group too for those of use that are straddling months:

We’re there October 23-26 and are interested in doing a memory maker share.


Great! So, that’s 4? Did we confirm with the cousin? I made a dummy account and friended myself and my husband. Everything seems to still work the same as the instructions say.

Can you send me your cousins email if he is still in… with him we have 4 families currently so looking for 1 or 2 more

I think we have 5 now!! So basically $34 a family! I’m totally down with that!!

@AllenH here is the October 2017 share

Thanks so much BoilerMomPharmD! As I mentioned in the other thread, we’re travelling Oct. 1-7th (only in park m-f, 2-6th I think it is). I’m late to the game as we had a number of things going on- just trying to catch up! :confused: yikes. Right now I’m up for a share, but my wife is a bit concerned. We have extended family (which means the add to MDE is maybe more frustrating with so many). So now, I just have to convince my wife. :wink: [And see if a share makes sense with our large group.]

I hope you are all doing well! Loving Touringplans forum! Thanks for being such a great group of people!

I don’t think those dates will work for this share as it’s 30 days from the first pic and some people in the group are staying into November… I would see if the September liners have a share that is late in September cuz it would include those early October dates!

Right- ok, sounds good Soccergk! Thanks for the help!