Memory Maker share for November

I have a last minute memory maker share for November and have 2 spots available if interested please email me at

I may be interested - how much?

I still have 1 more spot for my November now through Dec 5th share cost is 30.00 if interested please let me know

How does it work? I may be interested

i have a group of people that I link to a ghost mde account. you go on your trip take all the pics you want. to have ride photos and videos you need to have a magic band. when you get home from your trip you can do edits to your photos add boarders and other stuff they have on the site. I set a date for a cut off to download the photos into drop box where you log in and download them to your computer.
cost is 30.00

Our fam is there Nov. 24-29. Would we qualify?

Let @JonMcIntosh have the spot.

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yes you would JonMcIntosh

Wil do.