Memory Maker share for June 2017

Hi All. I did this last June with some people from the boards and it worked out great. I’m looking arrange this again for up to 5 families. Its $150 total when paid in advance, so thats $30 a family.

Would anyone be interested? My travel dates are June 15-24.


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Yes please. May 31 to June 7.

Yes! I have been pouring over the boards looking for someone who knows how to do this. We will be there June 4-12.

Hi - I’d like to join if you are wiling, We will be there May 13-16 but I am willing to wait until June to download.

How does it work?

The person in charge buys a Memory Maker and we all send him/her our cut of the total (probably through PayPal). Then we all link our accounts to his/her account as “friends and family.” The Memory Maker will then collect all of our photos and we all share an account. There are a few fine details about timing, but that’s the basic idea.

We will be there May 29-June 4 and are interested!

I am interested in a share. Dates are June 19 to the 24.

If we get enough people, we can set up a May share and a June share. I can run the May share - I have done it before and am happy to coordinate. Let’s see how many people we end up with.

I would be interested in the May share if you end up setting it up. We are only going for 1 day on May 2 so if there is enough people it would be worth it for us.

So not to sound stupid, what is the purpose of it? Won’t you just be receiving everyone else’s family pics?!!!

The purpose is just to make it cheaper! :slight_smile:

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I get it now!!! MAkes perfect sense!!! So does that person that purchases it just have to make copies and send them to everyone?

I’d lIke to share one for August 23-29.

There are no copies. The files are digital downloads.

You would need to start your own thread to try to set up an August share - there are time restrictions that would mean May and June won’t work with your dates. Sorry.

I would be interested in a May share. We will be there 7th - 13th

I would be interested in an April share. Will be there 8th - 15th.

I would also be very interested in a May share. There are 3 of us and we will be there May 10-17th. Is there a link or post where I could read up on how the sharing works. Just wondering how to access the pics?

This sounds interesting to me. 150 seems like alot for just my daughter and myself who doesn’t ride most of the bigger roller coaster typed rides. May 25th - June 2. If someone knows how to do this and would like to share my email is Again I don’t know how to set this up