Memory Maker Share for April

Interested in a Memory Maker share? I am setting one up for April. Travel dates are 9-14. If you are interested, please post your dates. I’m looking to keep this 4-5 families

I’m interested in a small share - I’m going with my dad 19-24th. (We joined a share last time and it was huge and difficult.)

Great! I have others interested from the FB Liners page as well. Will keep it small for sure. Just need your email and reservation name to invite you. You can message me the info

We’ll be there april 17-20 and would be interested in being included on this share. We’re mostly interested in the ride photos/videos and won’t do a lot of regular photos.

I’m also interested in doing a share for April, we’ll be there April 17-28. Not exactly sure how it all works but I love the idea of spending less than $150 for it :slight_smile:

HI guys, sorry the group is now closed. I know that there is a Facebook group that organizes them. Good Luck

How can I find these groups on Facebook?

Search for Real April & May (Maypril) 2016 Walt Disney World Planning Group, it is a closed group. Lots of advice there too, I just saw a post for someone looking for people interested in memory maker share. Hope that helps!

you may also want to search for the April 2016 Liners group and see if anyone has an open share

Thanks everyone!