Memory maker share expertise needed

hi, Hoping someone out there can help, please!
Mom bought a memory maker package and is trying to share on my husband’s MDE.account. Ok he is not going but I am and my name is under his account, as well as my two sons who are also going

So what exactly do i have to to do to link up with her memory share ?
we are linked because I see her as a friend and see her resrvations, but I don’t see the memory maker on my MDE Is there somewhere on MDE that shows I have the memory maker?
Thank you,

You won’t have the MM on your account if she owns the entitlement. If you go to reservations and scroll all the way to the bottom, you should see mm assigned to and her name. She must link you and your sons as friends and family to her MDE marking travels often with me and can view and purchase my photos for your bands to add photos to her photopass

Yes I see that, helps me feel better that you told me that. I didn’t have travels often with me checked and Under her name on our account it shows this:
Mom has a Disney account
Mom can view your shared plans.
Mom can view and purchase your PhotoPass photos.

And our reservations now show the memory maker number under her name
Thank you so much !