Memory Maker Share Early to Mid May 2016 - Sorry, already full!

Hi! Is anyone interested in a memory maker share for May 2016? We’ll be there early to mid May.

We’ve had a family drop out of our share for that period. I’m not the share leader, but do you want me to check with her about adding a family?

That would be fantastic! Thank you! How many people are in your group?

Currently 3 families total. I have sent am email to the group just now. Will let you know asap!

What are your dates exactly? We’re May 8-14.

Hi, I’m the leader of the Memory Maker, that @Crasstastic was speaking about. We would love to have you join us. @jan8111 I’m going to send you a private message in a moment so that I can explain in more details how it works.

We’re 9 - 14. It lines up perfectly!

Is this share full?

@jan8111or @Crasstastic I’d be interested if you are still looking for people to share. My dates are May 5 to 13

@Luv2adoptStitch. I’d like to join the share if there is still room…My stay is May 5 to 13,

I’m sorry, I my group is already full.

Thank you! Have fun!!