Memory Maker Share Early September 2018

Hi everyone, I’m looking to join a memory maker share for early September. Does anyone have availability?

Hi Janine! My family will be in Disney September 22 through the 29th and I’d love to get in on a share. Last time I participated in a share there were four participating families and it worked out great! Maybe if we get four people or so together here, we could get a share started? ~Julie

That would be great. There may be one or two woman on the Disney September 2018 Liners facebook page who are also interested. Email me at and I’ll try to coordinate everyone there. If anyone else is interested…please email me!

Hello! I’ve never participated in a share yet but I’m looking for one last minute for our upcoming trip. Did this group make? If so would you have room for one more? Dates are 9/17-9/21.

Thank you!