Memory maker share early july

Anyone interested in a memory maker share for early July?

I may be interested - but our dates are 12-20 (is that still early?). Also, would like to be with only 1 or 2 others as it gets complicated with too many shares.

No that’s ok

That’s in July?

@brw310, DH and I are in July about the same time span as you (16-21). I’d be interested in sharing one with you. It’s just the two of us.

Great I would like to go with 4 families we have us and possibly a 3d. That would be 37.25 a family



@zaczoemom711 - are you counting on me as one of your 4 families? or @mkmuzzy are you thinking just 2 families (you/DH, and me/my family)?
I’m new to this forum input so not sure how to reply to you both without getting this allconfused…

If you would like to be included that’s great but you your not sure that ok too I am new to the forums also and not sure how to respond to both

I’ve never done the Memory Maker before, but I’m willing to learn, and I’m interested in being part of a shared one to reduce the cost. That much I know.

I wasn’t sure how important it is to have my dates overlap or be the same as other people’s dates. Maybe it’s not, but if it is, then my dates would be closer to those of @brw310. Note: I just read a post on another site about several groups sharing, with a wide gap from first day to last, and how that can be tricky to make sure everyone gets enough time to download all their photos within that allowed window. It can be done, just have to be aware.

I knew two groups could share it, I didn’t know 3 or 4 groups could. I have nothing against being part of a bigger group. Since my group is a group of 2, it should not be tough to spot our photos.

Whichever way this shakes out will be fine with me. Maybe there will be lots of people wanting to share, and we can have a couple different Memory Maker groups - some big and some small.

We did a memory maker share in December. The way it worked for us was another person set up a dummy MDE account and we were all added as friends. We had quite a span of travel dates, which was ok, but you only have a certain number of days to download (think it was 45). As it turned out, the first person lost a few edited photos because the last edits, were completed after the 45 day window for those early pics. I think we had 4 or 5 families involved. We all copied all the downloaded pics(downloaded by the owner of the MM) to start, then edited (using photo props in package), then copied downloaded/edited pics again. At that point, you get rid of any that aren’t yours. It’s a trust thing.
I’m okay with 4 groups as long as we aren’t spread too many days apart. Oh, also, pics are in files by day/park, so you could potentially have other people’s pics mixed in the middle of yours, as opposed to all yours in a bunch. I.e, if we travel on the same day to the same park, we’d be intermixed.
@zaczoemom711 - have you set one of these up before?

Yes I am leading a group for next month of 7 families

Count me in! I’m glad you both have done this before. Thanks!

I have another family on a Facebook group I am in so we have 3 if brw310 is in that would give us 4

Can you give me you email address so I can start to set up the dummy account if you are still interested?

If you are interested in the memory maker share I would need you email to set up the dummy account if not have a fantastic trip :grinning:

Yes, please count me in. Once I remember how to send my email in a Pm, I will send it to you.

If you have a Facebook account my name is Cheryl Wilson Redirecting... here is the link to my page and you can sent me a pm there

here is a link to my facebook page we can use messanger to send private messages Redirecting...