Memory Maker Share Early December 2017

I’m hoping to find a couple of people/families that would like to do a memory maker share. We will be going Dec 3-10!

I am on the fence about the memory maker share, but I might be interested. I will be there Dec 9-15

Ok :blush: Just let me know either way! I’ve got to look more into it myself! Your dates are perfect though because our vacays don’t overlap by too many days.

Created a new topic for this because this wasn’t getting any hits. :relaxed:

Thank you for the heads up! Unfortunately we had to post-pone our trip until mid-january. Hope you get more hits on new thread!

Thank you! Well that’s not such a bad thing, the crowds should be lower! Have fun on your trip!

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You too!

Did you find another Memory Maker share for your January trip? We had to cancel our December trip at the last minute and are now going January 20-28 and looking to join a share at the last minute. :slight_smile:

We ended up going to DLR instead. Sorry. Hope you are able to find someone.