Memory Maker share download help

I need some help with the downloads on the mm share I am leading. Someone here was kind enough to send me these instructions, but they are from 2015 and I know some things have changed. I’m not seeing a way to download all pictures. I hovered over and checked some photos and then clicked on download, but I just downloaded them to my computer. Do I still need to create zip files (how?), or can I just go ahead and let the other participants in? Below is a section of the instructions I have.

After all participants have returned home, the Leader clicks the “Download All” button
to create an initial set of download files, which will be, for the most part, unedited.
◦ Participants may access the “My Downloads” section of the website to download the
many zip files the Leader created.
◦ The Leader encourages participants to perform their edits over the next several weeks.
◦ After that editing window is over (keeping in mind the 45-day expiration window), the
Leader clicks the “Download All” button a second time to create a second set of
download files. This second set of download files will capture everyone’s edits.
◦ Participants may access the “My Downloads” section of the website to download any or
all of the zip files created by the Leader.

Using your computer browser (not the app), navigate to your photos. Before you start anything, check the filters at the top – I assume you want all locations and all photos (it defaults to only your photos).

After you click the check mark to select a photo, a little box appears at the top of the page that allows you to select all. Use that, and it gives you a bunch of zip files.

If you only download a small number of photos, they won’t be in a zip file.

I have never downloaded for everyone. I give over the password and then within the group email people claim times so that no one tries to log on at the same time. Then people just hop on and download their pics. I typically do a check in to make sure people have gotten pics and I do a reminder before th a window expires.


Thank you, that is what I will do.

I have done a share twice in the past and found that the easiest way to download your own pics was from the ap on my Ipad. downloading from the computer seemed complicated and I could never figure out how to get just my own pics, and usually ended up with quite a few pics that weren’t mine, along with my own.