Memory Maker share December 23-25 2018

We are visiting WDW during Christmas time December 23, 24 and 25 2018. Hoping to find few families that would like to share Memory Maker. Once we get the interest, can go through the mechanics of sharing logistics.

We’re interested. First trip and we’ll be there 12/27-1/5.

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FB has a MM share group; you may be able to find some other families there. I got a group together very quickly for my trip coming in 30 days!

I tried looking on Facebook but didn’t have a lot of success. Can you point me to the right group? I didn’t want to request to join a bunch of groups just to find out they were full or not at the right time.

The one I’m in is the Disney Memory Maker Share Group

You have to request to join but they respond very quickly!

Thank you very much. Will give a shot


We are going from 15 Dec to 22 nd Dec, Will be more than happy to share and work out details, can you share your email etc so we can discuss?

Interested in a join if you are still trying to make a group. Our trip is Jan 1-10 2019. I’ve done a share before, but never lead.