Memory Maker Share (Dec. 2021 Jan Feb 2022)

I have a few trips coming up and the end of this year and looking to lead a memory maker share. Hoping to get 6- 8 families each trip making the price $26 a family

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We are interested. Our travel dates are Nov 15-20. Would these dates fall within the timeframe?

I have a planned trip for Dec 9th-Dec 13th, would possibly interested.

We also have trip planned Nov 15-20th. How does this work?

All these dates will work. Basically what happens is we split the cost of the memory maker. I create a dummy MDE account that everyone will link to after there trip. You take pictures in the park as you normally would and once you come back from your trip you get the login to download your pictures.

This is my exact week so it would work

I might be interested in December. We are starting around the 10th.

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That’s my same week. So that would work. I’m going to create a Facebook for people who are interested to join.

I am not on Facebook. Is that going to mess things up or can I be offline?

Nope it won’t. Do you have PayPal? That’s how we’re going to do payment to protect all parties involved.

Here is the link for the Facebook group. You can leave the group once your pics are downloaded, if you want.

Paypal isn’t a problem. Thanks.

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I can PayPal as well.

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I would be interested! We are there Dec 8-13!

Those dates are perfect can you join the Facebook group.

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If anyone else doesn’t have Facebook let me know and I can just message you the info here as well

We’re there Nov 28th through dec 8th and would love to join. Memory Maker sharing is the best!

@Gwenavyre we still have room. You can join the Facebook group Facebook Groups

Or I can send you a message here on TP.

I am going October 19-25 I do not know if that can work but I am interested. I do not facebook but PayPal works with me. please let me know. Thanks either way.

That works, I’ll send you a private message with the details.