Memory Maker Share - August

Hi all. We are heading to the World in August and I am hoping to get a Memory Maker share group together. I am looking for people going in late July or any time in August. (Once I get a couple people signed on, the dates will start to take shape.)

I have run shares in the past (the most recently in 2017) and they go easy as can be! Hoping to get about 5 or 6 groups.

Let me know if you have any questions, or please post here if you are interested. Jill

Interested. My dates are 8/24-8/29. Thanks!

Great! Let’s wait for some more interest and then we’ll get organized.

I’m interested. My dates are 8/18 - 8/27. Thanks!

Sounds good. I am August 5-18 so our dates are taking shape. Right now we span August 5-29. So we could go just a few days on either end (or, of course, more people in the middle.) Hoping to get three more groups.

I am interested. Our dates are 7/29-8/3.

That will work as long as you are cool with waiting a bit - probably 15 days or so - after you get home to start downloading your photos. (The download window is 30-days long, so you would have to wait to make sure we leave enough time for the people at the other end of the share.)

That will be fine. Thank you for organizing this!

Would it be possible to get in on this too? My dates will be 8/8-8/16. I’ve set up a share the last two years so I’d rather have someone else take the reigns this time. Thanks

Sure. Those dates work fine. Looks like we have five groups. I think we’ll see if we can add one more and then get it started.

Great. Thanks!!

Hi all. I am going to be away from computers for a few days but will set things up when I get back. Hopefully, by then we will have one or two last groups to add to the share.

Can everyone please send your name and your MDE email to me at

Hello. I have heard from three of the four people listed here…soniabel, kerrilux, and jodielyon.

Wickedale, can you send me your contact info?

Also, we still have room for another person if anyone else is interested!

I’m interested! We will be there 8/21-8/28.

Great! Welcome aboard. Do me a favor and check a few posts up for how to contact me. We should be buying the MM and getting linked up this week.

We will be there August 6-10. How does the share work?

The share is closed.