Memory Maker Share - August 2019

I was just looking to see if anyone was interested in doing a Memory Maker Share with me. I have organized one in the past (August 2015) and it worked out really well. We formed a private Facebook group with the 5 of us and that made communication really easy - also put our minds at ease to see that we´re all real families just looking to save some money! I´m going to Disney World from 8/2 - 8/11 so my Memory Maker would run from 8/2 to 9/1.

If you are not familiar with what a Memory Maker share group is, basically you get a group of people together who are all going to be traveling to Disney World around the same time and you split the cost of the Memory Maker package. You have 30 days from the date that the first picture was taken until the last picture is taken. Then you have a period of time (I believe it is something like 60-90 days?) to actually go in and download those pictures.

The advantage to doing this is is that the entire group can split the cost of one Memory Maker share package. So instead of paying $169 you get to split the cost between the number of groups that you have. With 5 people it brings cost down to $34, less with more people. But I find that a group of 5-6 is ideal, as a larger group may be too hard to manage.

If anyone is interested in joining up with my group to do a Memory Maker share please reply to this thread.

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I would be interested in a share too…we are there the 17 -23…

I am interested. Party of 4 with dates Aug 18-28.

I am interested in a share. My trip is Aug 14-21 and is for two adults and two kids. Thanks!

I am interested in joining too. My dates are 8/17-8/25. Thanks!

I am interested. My dates are 8/2-8/11

Hi everyone! I am also interested in joining a memory maker group, and would be willing to lead one if the group gets too large. I led a group last year and everything went well. I am there August 6th-11th.

The original poster has not returned to this thread. So if for some reason the original poster can’t do it, it looks like we still have enough people and a leader with experience running one.

I’m interested in a share as well. We will be ther 8/17-8/22.

Hi! I would like to be in a Memory Maker share as well. We will be there 8/19-8/21.
Thank you in advance!!

It looks like there are 9 familes. More may join as time goes on. Is there an optimal size? If necessary we have enough to split into 2 groups.

I would be interested too…our dates are aug 22 to the 31. Thks

I’d like to be part of a group, too. I think we have enough for 2 groups now, with optimal size 5 families. My dates are August 10-17. I’d be willing to be the “manager” for one of the groups.

That’s good. Have you lead a group before?

Nope! I was a part of one last summer but have never led one. Am looking for 3 more people/families with August trips to join in on this one—dm me if you are interested.

Count me in but I am not sure how to DM lol. Can you DM me. Thks

I have room for 2 groups to make us 6. We are officially a September Memory Maker share. But seems so far we are all done by September 15th. Could take 2 late August groups if it would help. I’ve run one in 2017. Currently I’m leading this one, but if you want to take it over I’m not against it. And we have a Facebook Group established. We could use it for this if you all want to have 2-3 groups in same thread.

Hi, Our dates are August 18 through the 26th and we would be interested in a share. We’ve done MM in the past but never a share. Not sure if there’s any room left.


I am sorry Jennifer. We are full. If you would like my help starting a group, let me know.

We will be there August 10-17 and are interested, I have been a part of a group but never led one.