Memory maker share - August 2017

Hi all,

Is there any further interest in a Memory Maker Share for August 2017?

We will be there Aug. 12-19. I did the share last time we went (Sept. 2015) and it went very well. I see that there was an earlier thread about but looks like that died out in May because it was filled. So if there’s anyone else that is interested, let me know or point me in the right direction please!


The August 2017 liners Facebook page has a few going. Are you on Facebook ?

Would you believe I’m not on Facebook? Maybe I will join for this purpose though . . .

@profmatt Can you help a non Facebook peep out?

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The August group I’m running is now full. We have space in the September group, but your dates may be too early.

I will be there around the 16-18 of August and would be up for a share if we got a few more people.


How exactly does the “share” work?

One person in the group buys memory maker and sets it up under a dummy account - basically an account that no real person is tied to. The others in the group then pay that person who purchased MM. You add the dummy account to your friends and family list on MDE and while your in the parks have as many pics taken as you want. Once your trip is over you log into the dummy account and can download all of your photos. This goes for everyone in the group. MM will work to take photos for 30 days so anyone headed down between say Aug 12-Sept 12 could get their photos using the account.

Won’t the others be able to download my photos? When I get back, will I have to go through everyone’s photos looking for people I recognize?

Yes the other people in your MM share can see your family photos, and yes when you go to do the download you need to select the correct photos from your trip. I’ve done it a few times before and never had much issue finding my family vs. the others in the share.

Thanks all, and yes, thats a pretty good short summary of a memory maker share. The savings is worth the minor hassle of sorting photos (for me at least). I’m happy to run the share if we get enough people interested. If I recall, about 6-8 families is where it makes sense. But I’m not sure about that.

4-5 is better. 6-8 gets too many photos and the system bogs down making edits and downloads difficult.

I have two spaces in my group. The dates of the participants range from 24th August to 5th September.

We are splitting the cost equally between us, so each person is contributing $28.17.

Let me know if anyone would like to join.

Thanks. I’m in if my dates work fine for your group. We would arrive and be in parks by Aug 12, which moves your window earlier by a good amount. Let me know if that’s okay. We have five total people in our family for what it’s worth.

I will be there 8/21 - 8/30 and would like to join group

I will join group if there is room

I have sent messages to those of you who have expressed an interest in joining the group. I only have two free slots, so it’s first-come, first-served.

This group is now full.

One more question: How do you get their $? Do they mail you a check ahead of time?

How does a share work? I’m going August 12 - 17 and would be interested. I already have the memory maker though, can people be added on?