Memory Maker Share Aug/Sept 2015

I know there is already a large group doing a share, but I was too late to get in on that one. I have one, possibly two other parties from another board, it would like to add 2-3 more to keep the cost reasonable. Is anyone interested?

zolagrif (dates 9/4-9/7)
rainfamily (9/3-9/8)
Incgonito (from another group, end date 9/28)
Jamie W (8/30 to 9/5)

We can start as early as 8/29 and end as late as 10/3, depending on who else joins the group and the dates they need.

I’d be interested! I’ll be there from 3-8 September. Never done Memory Maker before and was interested, but not for the full price. This sounds great. Just let me know what I’ll need to do.

Great! I’ll keep you in the loop. I have one other party from another group, so that makes 3 of us. If we can get two more, the cost will be $34 each. :smile:

Please PM me with your email address (we will use paypal for payment) and I’ll send you more details.

And out dates overlap! We are staying at AOA- how about you? 9/4-9/8

We will be at AoA in a Lion King Suite! 1st time at WDW for my husband, mother in law, and 2 youngest kids. My teen and I haven’t been since 2005. So I’m still pretty much a newbie. I’m totally excited though. My husband believes vacation planning is “work” and everything should just go with the flow…I may dump him in Epcot for the whole trip. lol

There are just 3 of us, and my DD is 4 - she flipped over the Ariel rooms, so that’s where we are. It is my husband and DD’s first times. I’ve been many times, but not since getting married (I live in Colorado now so it isn’t as convenient!).

Hey! I have been trying to start an Aug/Sept share, and have 3 people including myself so far! We would all be interested! I will be in Disney from August 10 - 16. We were looking at a date range of August 10 - Sept 8th (that would be the full 30 days). Would that work for you guys?

If either of you are on Facebook, if you find the “Disney in August” group join it as the three of us are in that group. We could coordinate through a group chat? Just throwing that out there if you were interested. If you have 3 people, and I have three people, that would be 6 altogether which would bring cost down to below $30!

I joined, waiting for approval. What are your dates? Based on what we have so far, we need to start near the end of August.

I just saw your first post - we have to start toward the end of August. Sorry!

Oh okay. I will let the other two know in case they want to join. I am the one that has to start August 10th. :disappointed:

Thanks - sorry it didn’t work out!

Hi, I’d be interested if you’re still taking people! Our dates are 9/19-9/26.

I have two people who have expressed interested but not paid. I’ll let you know if someone bails. Your dates are perfect for our group. Are you in for sure if that’s the case?

Yes, happy to paypal anytime. I’m def. in if you can let me know in the next couple of days–otherwise I’ll need time to try and organize another group. Thank you.

Of course, I’ll let you know asap!

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Kate is part of the group and we’re all full!!

@karinnc1 I would love love love to join a MM share group. If you are part of one, is there room for one more? My dates are August 2-7.

We are full now, I’m sorry!!

Thanks anyhow!