Memory Maker - separate card?

Hi - we had a great holiday in WDW in 2014 and, having saved up, are heading back in 2016 ! Hooray !

Last time we made extensive use of Memory Maker and I was really pleased to see that it was now included free with the UK 14/21 day tickets.

Does anyone know if MM is integrated into the admission cards or do we have to go to Guest Services to pick up a separate card ? We are staying off-site so won’t have bands.

The reason for the question is that I have two options to buy admission tickets - vouchers are marginally cheaper but require me to go to Guest Services to turn them into a real admission ticket. I’d rather not do that - unless I have to go anyway to get a MM card !

I think I made the a much more complicated question than it needs to be ! Apologies and thanks for any help you can give.

Sussex Bantam

Do you have Magic Bands from your last stay? I’m not sure if you can hook them for an off-site stay. I know they normally give you the cards when you take your pictures. Then you just enter the number into your MM card. We always took a picture of the back of the card so if it was lost we still had the pictures :smile:

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Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Last time we went we had a card - like an admission card - which we gave to the photographer. They then scanned our card when the picture was taken. Does the system still work like that ?

As far as I know it does. Unless you have a Magic Band :slight_smile:


We from the UK the last two times it’s worked this way. I bought tickets via the Disney site (I’ve never found a better way from the UK). The Disney tickets comes as a printable ‘Will Call’ voucher and a number to register on the My Disney Experience web site (so you can book FP+ and ADR’s) I then bought MM and tickets for mnsshp while on the My Disney Experience site and it recognised this for our party me, DW, DD x 2.

The first year (2014) I took the voucher to the Will Call window at the T&TC bought Magic Bands and they gave me cards as well (just in case) everything was then connected MM, mnsshp, FP+, ADR’s etc.

The following year (2015) same deal, except we used the same magic bands when we went to the will call windows, all done in 5 minutes or so and again they gave us plastic tickets as well just in case.

Just makes sure you log everything via My Disney Experience site and take copies of your email when you go to the Will Call window

I hope this helps