Memory maker - ride pictures

I want to get the most out of my memory maker purchase for our trip in March.
I had issues this past July with some of the ride photos not showing up at all on my disney experience app. I’ve read where ride pictures should automatically link to your magic band. Is this true or should I try and find out pictures after each ride? I’m going to have our pictures made each opportunity we have in order to get our money’s worth.

I spent a lot of time trying to figure this out. We had photos auto upload for most rides. It might have been all…I’ll have to ask my husband. The only thing that was missing was a meet and greet for tinker bell and I went to the guest services photo place there at MK where we’d had the pics taken and they found them. Sometimes for the rides it took awhile but they all showed up by the end of the day.

Many have had luck contacting disney when photos are missing.

When we went this past July, my husband purchased the memory maker under his account. He didn’t go to any of the parks because he was in meetings and my son and I went 3 and 1/2 days. I think the problem was it wasn’t picking up on my magic band or account. I had issues getting pictures to download for awhile. Hoping since it’s on my account this time we won’t have any issues. Thanks for your advice!!

Thanks I will try that this time if we have any missing.

I had luck stopping back at the ride exit once we realized we had the wrong photos (at Buzz Lightyear). If there’s a preview when you exit, take a phone shot of your pic so that you have the photo # for support to help you find it faster. Telling them the time you were on the ride and what you were wearing also helps!

Also, just a possibly related note, make sure you have the filter when you are viewing them online set to “view all”, so you see everyone’s photos. Mine always seems to revert back to just my photos and i have to reset the filter.



Yes, most don’t have previews but a few do like Buzz and you g have to scan quickly. DH hesitates snd missed getting his Buzz photos and they never appeared. We got every other ride photo though.

Though you don’t technically have to, I always tap my MB for the ones that have that option at the ride exit. I’ve never had any issues getting my ride photos that way.

It sounds like the issue last time may have been the way the mm was shared between accounts too. Make sure that all magic bands are connected to the account with the mm. For example, if your kids are on your account and the mm is on DHs and the kids are not directly “friends” with DHs account then any pictures their band picked up will not show up for DH to download.

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I kept checking my photo pass acct throughout the day, briefly, just to be sure that stuff was uploading. Sometimes things took awhile but I think I remember that by nighttime everything from the day was there, with the exception of the Tinkberbell meet photos that I had to track down (and that made no sense b/c we know we tapped in with our magic bands at the end of the meet—it just didn’t work).

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