Memory Maker Question

Hi all
I am completely confused about the Memory Maker. I want to buy it for our upcoming end of Oct week-long trip. There will be eight of us on the trip. If I am the one to buy the Memory Maker, can others 'use it' if I am not with them? Everyone is linked to my Disney Experience. An example is that my daughter and her boyfriend will be taking her children on the Pirate Adventure one of the days and my husband & I will not be with them, but I do want the photos. Can she/they use the Memory Maker I purchased??

They can all use it. Anyone who is linked with your in MDE can use it, as long as you check the box in their profile that allows it. You don't have to be together. The only limitation is that only the primary person can download the photos. They'll belong to you though, so you can download them and then email them or put them on a photo-sharing site or burn them to a CD and distribute them to everyone.

I believe you can link everyone on your Memory Maker account that is traveling with you, i think you need to link the memory maker in your My Disney Experience account and then select them as friends and family who can view and download.

I'm using MM for the first time on our trip OCt 2nd so i'll let you know what i found out. Here's the info from the Disney site:

We just did this on our trip. My brother and gf had their own MDE account, and we just connected and chose that they could see and download our photos. All of the ride photos they got when we were doing separate things still showed up and got linked to my MM. Worked like a charm! smiley