Memory Maker question...?

My sister and I are going with families together to WDW. She just purchased the MM. Question is how do we share this as we are splitting the cost? She is listed under my friends and family.

Thank you!

Link everyone in your group that you want to be able to add photos as friends and family to her MDE account. Make sure to click the can view and purchase my photos. All edits and downloads must be done from her account. That’s it! Enjoy your trip.

@AuntB_luvsDisney just to be clear, all my accounts that I manage, their photos will show up. My DD account says can not be invited to plan and share, however I manage her account. But all her photos will show right? Hope that makes sense.

She has to be linked to your sister for her scanned photos to show up. They will show in your account but you don’t own the MM so you won’t be able to download. Have your sister go into her MDE and add friends and family by looking at your friends and family list. Everyone who wants to add photos must be linked to the account that OWNS the MM.

When they are linked she can see them on her list, and if they were not linked they would not appear on her list, is that right @AuntB_luvsDisney? Sorry for all the questions.

Yep. She should be able to see everyone linked under her my friends and family. Not listed there equals not linked.

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