Memory Maker Question. Please ELI5

Okay–I’ve read the FAQ but I"m slightly confused, so can someone just ELI5 for my particular situation? (Explain Like I’m 5)

My family of 4 is heading to WDW on Saturday. We are staying at a WDW resort and have our magic bands in hand ready to rock.

I just purchased the Memory Maker on the MDE app because the Touring Plans checklist told me to do so (I’m such a friggin sucker). How will it work when we are in the parks?? When we see a photographer, so I need to pull up a code on my MDE app for them to scan to link the photos or will the magicband do it totally? Do I need to link the Memory Maker package I just purchased to my magicband (I am assuming it has already done this as I purchased it through the app…)…

Tell me what I need to know please!

They scan your MagicBand, (or your RFID ticket card thing if you don’t have a MagicBand). I think the getting the pictures taken part of the process is very easy* *I’ve never done Memory Maker myself, but I have had photos taken by a PhotoPass photographer, and we bought one of the pictures online.

I would guess you can log on to My Disney Experience and see if it’s linked. If you bought it through the MDE app, and you were logged on to the account that has your reservations and MagicBands associated, you should be good.

(I have seen a few threads here where people are having some trouble downloading the files. I think some of it is that Windows 10 doesn’t provide full support for zip files, and some of it was problems accessing the website. You should search the forums for that.)

Very very easily. Your ride photos and videos will load automatically as long as you have your magic band on.

Stop as often as you like to get pictures with any of the photographers. Be sure to ask if they have “magic” in their cameras for some extra fun pixie dust. They will scan your MB and the photos will automatically load into your MDE photopass.

This should have happened automatically when you purchased if you were signed into MDE. You can check in MDE to make sure you see the MM entitlement. On the browser version is it all the way at the bottom under “my tickets and reservations tab”. On the APP it is under “my reservations” at the very bottom again.

On another note if you get any photo cards from group events like Enchanted Tales with Bell or Jedi training, take a picture of the ID number on the back (in case you lose it) and stop by a photopass location to ask them to load only your photos to your MDE photopass. That will prevents hundreds of stranger photos getting loaded into your account.

Photos expire on a rolling 45 day basis. MM is active for 30 days once you have downloaded or removed the water mark.


Thank you for the Been There Done That explanation! :slight_smile: You’ve made it clear for me :):slight_smile:


Okay… maybe I’m overthinking this… but hwat is the difference between Memory Maker and Photo Pass???

Photopass is Disney photography service/system. Memory maker is a product you purchase that allows you unlimited downloads from the photopass system. At least that’s how I define it. There is probably a more technical answer out there

The PhotoPass photographers work for Disney and take your picture. You buy Memory Maker to be able to download all of the PhotoPass photographs at no additional charge. If you don’t have Memory Maker, you can buy individual PhotoPass photos, but they aren’t cheap.

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