Memory maker question - Friends w/ AP

Going down in 30 days and I have a question about memory maker. The group that’s going down is an odd mix of family and friends, all arriving at staggered dates. The family that gets in first (mine) purchased memory maker. We will be at Galaxy’s Edge and Epcot Thursday, then the next day at AK with everyone else and so on for the rest of the trip. One of the friends has MM due to having an AP. Should I cancel our MM? I thought I read something about a one day MM. Should I buy that in place for Thursday’s park day without her? Everyone is linked to her in MDE except one family member. But I figure if they can’t link to her (not that close) that I could go in and download all applicable pics and send to them afterwards. Friend would totally be cool with us using hers and would probably scoff that we already have our own. Any reason you can think that we shouldn’t do this? Thanks for the help!

If your friend has an AP and it’s active, then your photos would show up on her MM even if you arrive earlier.

If her AP isn’t activated yet, then their MM would only start when they activated it.

And only the person with the AP can go in and download the photos without the watermarks.


Thanks @Nicky_S! Hers is already activated so that takes care of that question! I guess I just need to find out from her whether she would want to download them all for me or if she’d be okay with me logging in under her account and downloading myself. I’m assuming those would be the only two alternative options. Thank you again!!

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