Memory maker question for First time user

Forgive me if this is common knowledge, but I just bought the memory maker for our Jan 20th trip. It’s assigned to me, but can anyone in my family scan in for the picture? Do I have to be present for everything? We are a family of 4 and we might split for a few rides… Kids are 6 years apart and have different interests sometimes.

Thanks in advance.

You don’t have to be present - just make sure everyone in your group is setup for sharing in MDE. if you can see each other’s fast passes, reservations, etc. you should be set.

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If you are traveling with another group you can even add them as well. Everyone in your “Friends and Family” can use the Memory Maker whenever they want as an individual or any number of group photo.
We love it and it is simple. Use it as much as you can.

  1. You see a photographer.
  2. Ask for them to take some photos. Ask if they have any Magic shots.
  3. they scan your magic band (or WDW card)
  4. Done. Download pictures at home and/or look at them in MDE