Memory maker question 2

We have 2 families sharing a Memory Maker

3 people in family A which purchased the Memory Maker
7 in family B which is my family

I’m wondering how to link this all together

2 people in family B will have Magic Bands
Everyone else will get photopass cards from the photographers

Nobody in my family knows anyone in family A except for me knowing them
So my family is like why do I have to link to them

Do the people in my family have to link to the people in family A or is it good enough that they are linked to me and I am linked to the head of family A

For the photo passes instead of everyone putting one card in there account can’t we just all put them on the leaders account of family A with the memory Maker
And does the 2nd person in my family have to be linked to the head of family A or is he being linked to me good enough

I don’t know the answer to your questions but I found this:

To me, spending 0.99 to have the guide in hand for something that is fairly expensive makes sense.

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Everyone who will be adding photos to the MM account via a MB will need to be linked as a friend and family to the main MDE with the MM entitlement. The photopass cards can be entered into the main MDE (one with the MM entitlement) or entered into the MDE of any person who is linked to the main MDE (one with the MM entitlement). All edits and downloads need to be done in the MDE with the entitlement.

This document is what I used to educate myself on sharing (5 shares total to date) It is a great resource!

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