Memory Maker Problems

I am seriously disappointed with the whole Memory Maker thing. I kept looking for cast members to take pics of my family and me. They were hardly anywhere. I saw seven or eight on main street leading up to the castle, each one a bit closer to the castle than the previous one, but I did not see a single photographer anywhere else in the park. I found one photographer at Animal Kingdom who took our picture, but he messed up by loading someone else’s photos to my photopass account. I wish I had a way of finding the family in the pics I have of them. I know they are probably equally as disappointed in not getting their pics.

You can contact someone at Disney regarding memory Maker to try and find your lost pictures from animal kingdom.

Thanks. I did just that, and they were able to find my missing photos as well as take the incorrect photos and pass them along to their rightful owners.

You can find photo spots on the my Disney app.

I’m no longer at Disney, but thanks. Maybe next time I’ll use the app to locate the photopass spots.

I did not know last trip either but we learn.