Memory maker price increase?

Did I just see $279 for Memory Maker on the wdw app? That’s almost double yesterday’s price!

I just checked the website and the memory maker page says there will be new enhancements, so you can’t see a price. If it costs that much, it’s not worth it, and I have bought it the last 2 trips. I will just have them use my phone to take pics.

It’s knly showing in the app

Okay. I’m not panicking yet. The website is now showing normal $169/$199 prices. But the app still only shows $279,

Time will tell. I’ll be skipping it this year, too, if it’s gone up that much.

I just purchased it for 169 a few seconds ago.

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I looked at the Advance Purchase option on Disney’s website, and it was still listed at $169, as @seebee noted.

If I buy this separately can I link it to my reservation or does it need to be a part of my package?

You can buy it separately.

Once linked to my account will it capture all of the photos for my friends and family?

Make sure you look at the advance purchase pricing.
Also, just be aware:

Once you get your stuff together after your trip, and you start trying to get all your photos/videos, it’s a royal pain in the butt. Slow, not very intuitive, chugging. You’ll get all your stuff, but it seems like a bigger hassle than it needs to be. In theory, it’s a great service, and it “works,” but it can be frustrating. That said, I’m definitely ok with buying it.

Well I’m asking because i can’t access my December package right now due to enhancements, but I can purchase the advanced memory Maker for $169 by itself. Just want to make sure I am not making a mistake in purchasing it speratly for my December trip.instead of waiting and adding it to my package.

Honestly, this thread kinda got me thinking I better just buy it for my trip asap. I was gonna do it anyway. With all of the price increases being announced, I figured - just do it now.

Yes. Just show up and show any photographer your magic band. Once they scan it, it will show up in about 10-15 minutes on your My Disney Experience account. If you have a magic band, rides will show up on your account too.

The pictures will expire sometime around 30, 45, or 60 days after your first picture or something like that. Just make sure that when you get home, you download your pictures so that you will have them.