Memory Maker photo size

Can someone that has had a Memory Maker package before look at one of your photos and tell me the size

Is it 1920 X 1080, something higher?

And what is the average file size of each picture?


Mine in March were 4000x6000 and in the neighbourhood between 2 and 4mb

Can you not set them to be standard printable sizes (5x7, 4x6, etc) before you download anymore?

After forgetting to do a save and losing my original photo when using the Disney editor, I decided to just download my photos as taken by the photographer. No cute frames and no sizing, but I’ll be doing a photobook from Disney anyway and they’ll get resized once I upload them back (in my own good time, not their 1 month).

Looks like the Memory Maker photogapher images are 4000 x 6000, at least for all the ones I checked. The ride images do vary: Buzz 1608 x 1072; Test Track 4864 x 3232; Everest 1762 x 2643; Space 4848 x 3232; RnR 1608 x 1072; Splash 1072 x 1608; 7DMT 3296 x 2200.

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