Memory Maker Photo question

Once Memory maker is purchased do I need to tell someone when getting off rides to link my photos? What about when they take photos throughout the park?

When you ride an attraction that has photos (such as 7DMT, SpcM, SplM, etc.), the photo will be automatically connected to your MM account. You don’t have to do anything. (It’s hard to believe, but it really does work.)

When you have photos taken throughout the park, the photographer will scan your MagicBand so that the pictures will be connected to your account.

Like Robert said, they just automatically show up. Some of the rides like Splash and Space have a viewing area you can touch your magic band against to see your ride photo, but others don’t have that, like 7 dwarves, and they still magically show up. So I don’t think it makes a difference whether you do that or not. You even get video with mine train.

For the photos in the park, the photographers are everywhere, so you just approach them and ask for a photo, then they scan your band once it’s done.

They also have photographers in the waterparks too which is great.

Some attractions like Enchanted Tales with Belle, they give you a generic card, which you then type the code into your MM account to bring the associated pics for that up. (you’ll likely get pics for all the people in the show for this, I know we did)

If you’re concerned about missing pictures, at least the way the old PhotoPass system worked, if you get home and don’t see pictures you thought should be there, contact support and let them know the location and the approximate time, plus describe the members of your party and what they were wearing. We got missing pictures (group photos with Belle at Akerhaus, even) found and added to our account from our 2009 trip that way.

So even if there’s a glitch and the photos aren’t added, as long as they made it into the system at all there’s a good chance they can be recovered.

Agree with Kevin… we had to do just this with Enchanted Tales w/ Belle. Time, day, what DD was wearing.

Wow I had no idea! That’s so cool!

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You also get a video with TZToT.


I have to agree that MOST of the time the pictures ‘magically’ appear on your MM account. We had one issue on Test Track where another family’s photo linked to our account and ours was not there. From then on, if there was a tap station for photos at the ride exit we would be sure to use it, just to ensure that the photo would be linked to the account. Instead of asking the PhotoPass staff to retrieve the photo (although I’m sure that they could have with no problem) we opted to just ride Test Track again! :smile: