Memory Maker Photo Locations

I am planning on getting memory maker for the first time. Other than the castle picture, where else should I look for photographers? Thanks

I would like to add a question to this. How does Memory Maker work? After paying for MM - do you then have to pay for the individual photos that you want - or are all photos part of the package and you can download as many as you want?

Thanks for any help.

All the photos and on ride videos are yours after you pay for MM. I believe that they will be available to you for 45 days after your trip.

If you want to order prints from Disney, then you pay for individual prints. However, it’s probably better to go into your account, edit or copy and edit your pictures however you’d like them and then download them. That’s all included in the fee.

While they are totally ready to use, I like to download mine and make little updates to them using my photo editing software. Then, when I’m ready, I can upload them to the Disney site again, along with my own pictures and create a Photo book. Yes, the photo book is extra, but I enjoy it and they come out really nice.

Tip, though… if you’d like an e-version of your photo book, use the Disneyland (old) site to make your book, because the new (WDW) site doesn’t support e-versions.

Photographers are everywhere throughout the park. It’s hard to be in the parks and not have one within eyesore. All character meet and greets and dining have them so you can just enjoy the moment. If you are in the parks early ask about magic photos. Your magic band is supposed to link automatically but the photographers can scan the band to be sure.


Thank you!

Do you guys know if they catch candid shots? I would like to just enjoy character meets but I also want to catch some candid shots of my kids meeting the characters. Do they do that or just posed shots?

Our DD loves to meet the characters! Over our past four trips we have had a mixture of candid and posed shots…all amazing! It seems like it just depends on the photographer. Our last visit was in August of 2014 and we did several character meals where there weren’t photographers that accompanied the characters to the tables. We were able to take lots of great shots ourselves as the characters were very accomodating. Have a great time!!


Thank you!

Yes, I have a great candid shot of my DS4, at the time, snuggling in my lap during a break. Cast member just snuck the photo then came up to me afterwards and scanned magic band. It’s my favorite pic from the trip!!!

MM photogs do not appear at the character meals with the characters - you’re on your own for capturing those photos. They are at all non-meal character meet & greets, including the ones with official lines (princesses, etc.) as well as the ones where characters simply appear (we met Daisy en route to Mexico from Future World in Epcot).

When you do get in front of a photog, be sure to ask about the “magic” shots - they will tell you to pose in a particular way then superimpose a character or setting over it in post-production (and they appear in your account within minutes, it’s amazing). We got some great photos of our son with Lumiere in his hand, with all of us with the ghosts from Haunted Mansion, etc. These opportunities are usually tied to the attraction near where the photog is; i.e., a photo with Pumbaa & Timon is available at Animal Kingdom, ghosts at Haunted Mansion, etc. In our experience, these were more available in the less-trafficked areas of the park, so not in front of the castle or Spaceship Earth, but available with photogs near the attractions themselves or those that were just randomly hanging out (like in Fantasyland or Africa in AK).

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Have. Look at this site for an idea of magic shots and PHoto Pass photographer locations: