Memory Maker Photo Boxes

I would like to avoid these if possible.

Does anyone know where they are?

From what I’ve seen on other people’s reports they’re rolling them out at the character meets, unfortunately. Really takes away from some of the interactions an actual photographer can capture.

That’s so disappointing! We pay for MM, but I guess I’m going to become that annoying guest who holds up the line by asking for photos with their own camera. Our trips to Disney are too infrequent (and too expensive) for me to risk discovering after the fact that the box took terrible photos and we have nothing usable.

We had photo boxes at Chewbacca and Olaf when we were there in July. The pictures are terrible-off center and have me in them as a focal point off to the side instead of my son with the actual character.

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I had heard they were awful and what I have seen is that they are awful. I will have CM’s take pictures with my phone in addition to MM.

I automatically get MM with my AP and had always said MM was the one thing I never minded them charging more for but I’m not paying for an impersonal box to take photos.

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I hope everyone with bad photo box pictures is sending feedback to disney. Hopefully they cancel this before they roll it out completely


I definitely will.

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MM costs $169 and the Photographers make $12/hr, per Glassdoor. That’s 14 hours/family.

Seems like Disney is trying to unnecessarily increase their margins while reducing quality… sorry for being the curmudgeon but this is frustrating.

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I knew that they were in Tinker Bell’s M&G. I saw some pics from there and they were all just…off. Not centered, not personal, so many of them the subject of the photo was half turned away from the box whereas a photographer would have MOVED to get the subject in the photo.

Then Kenny the Pirate said more were coming. I guess they are in the Vader, Chewy, and Olaf M&Gs now and am reading the same complaints.

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There seems to be some argument that this is positive because the photographer takes folks out of the immersive experience which I don’t get. My whole point was to go in, meet the character, and have my picture taken.

we had theses boxes at Chewbacca, Darth Vader and Tinkerbell. I didnt mind it personnally. It takes a lot of pictures. More then the photographer and for us they are all well centered. More then some pictures from other characters photographers.

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