Memory Maker Oops

Ok, I asked this a while back on the old chat, but, now I may get a new answer due to more details. We have 2 trips planned...Dec 2014 and June 2015. I made the mistake of purchasing Memory Maker for the June trip already. We do not want the MM for the December trip, its its a small NYE trip. Now, in MDE I have a confirmation number that is linked to me, but, I just received the MM card in the mail with the activation code on back. Am I safe to assume if I don't put the activation code inuntill June, it'll be safe to use MM in June and not in December.

I would think you'd be fine by not activating it until next year, but I'd call and ask first.

Wow! You are getting dec 2014 documents! That's awesome. I want Mickey Mail!

Its just the memory maker that i totally ordered too soon! Its actually intended for our June 2015 trip.

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