Memory Maker - No Bands and No Room Key…

…if our tickets are digital, are we pretty much left to dig through ride photos upon exit and manually add them to the account?

I think you can add your digital ticket to apple wallet or the android version of the wallet and then tap your phone on the ride photos at the exit of rides. Is that what you are asking about?

If you are taking photos with photographers around the parks, they can give you a photopass card with a code on it. Use the barcode with each photographer and then add it to your memory maker through MDE.

If you are referring to on ride photos that do not have a tap point at exit; the ones that detect your magicband while on the ride, you more than likely will have to go and scan through the ride photos to manually add them to your account.

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Yep, the ride photos. May get my youngest a magic band just so it will pick her…and by proxy…us.

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Are you using the MagicMobile option in the MDE App? It will track you and connect your ride photos. It will remind you 100 times to set up Bluetooth and whatever else you need to make that happen. I used it in my short October trip and it worked great.