Memory Maker May/June Share

Hey everyone, I am looking to get a Memory Maker Share going for May/June. I will be traveling there this weekend so unfortunately I will not be able to purchase the advance purchase one and will have to get the normal price instead. I do not think this is a big deal if we can get a large group of people. Let me know if you are interested.


Hi @Cyberking78 I will be visiting Disney from 20th June to 22nd June.
Do these dates work for you?

I would be interested in getting the memory maker or is your group fill?



I actually haven’t had anyone reach out yet besides you. My deadline is tomorrow so hopefully we can get a couple more people before then. That would bring the price down substantially for all of us. You can PM me what dates you are going and how many you want to add to this group. I will keep you updated on any other interested parties.