Memory Maker linking q

Hi, I have a quick question on Memory Maker. I bought it and it shows up on My Disney Experience on my computer and it says its assigned to me. Do I need to do anything to make sure that it’s also linked to my other family members? Also, I don’t see evidence that I bought Memory Maker on the app on my phone. I just wanted to make sure that I have this linked properly.


Anyone who wants to add photos needs to be linked to your MDE account as friends and family. That is the only thing you need to do to ensure the photos are attached to your MM. if you see it in MDe browser version then you are good to go!

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If you have any friends that you want to share pictures with but don’t want to be able to modify their plans, make sure you update the permissions once you are connected on MDE. Select “only shared plans”.

I have a question about this. We have three families traveling (my family, family b and family c), staying in three separate rooms, under three separate reservations. We are buying one Memory Maker. I am friends with one member of family B (the one who is managing that family’s reservation) and one member of family C (also the one managing their reservation). Will that present any issues or should I be friends with all members of all parties?

Or does it just mean that if a person I am not friends with scans their band for a photo, I won’t be able to see it? I just want to make sure we don’t have any glitches and that they can get ALL of their photos and I can get all of ours.

It could be a problem. Only those who are directly linked to you will be able to add photos to your MDE. If the other families will stay together the whole time then the one linked can scan all the photos to their MB.

Correct. Unless they are linked to you, you will not be able to see the photos scanned to their MB.

This ended up being a problem for me on my last trip. I have an MDE account and was linked to the person who bought the Memory Maker. My husband does not have his own account. So he is just a guest on my account.

We had a couple character pictures that he scanned his MB for without me being aware of this technicality. Since I was in the picture as well, I was able to contact Disney and they located the picture for me. So, as long as you are in the picture, there is a damage control option if an eager beaver member of your party scans.

I just set up a share for our upcoming trip and linked based on how we are touring. My band is linked as I will basically be riding everything. My sister’s band is linked because she’s pregnant - so will be the Memory Maker band for those not riding thrill rides when we split up.

We also got a little crazy, and the two bands that are linked to the Memory Maker account are also the fancy bands (minnie mouse and guardians) the rest are just colors… but that’s just me being hyper organized :joy::joy::joy::joy: