Memory Maker LARGE group

I haven’t been on here in a while bc I’ve sworn off WDW after our last trip :slight_smile: but my daughter is going in May with her band. We are moving a couple of weeks after that, so I thought it might be fun to buy her the memory maker as a way to capture lots of good pics with her friends before we go. We only stay onsite, so our bands already have MM loaded. However, this time she will be off property and will have to use a MM card, I guess. Can we request lots of cards? Could I make a photocopy of the card for her friends to use and have scanned? Is there any other way to link them? For the most part, she would be in the pics and would have the card, but we’d love to let her friends have their own fun as well. Appreciate any thoughts on this-- :smile:

EDITED TO ADD: The kids and I won’t have access to their tickets ahead of time to link them to our account.

Does she already have a Magic Band? If she does you should be able to hook it to that :smile:
As for the others, they could get a card and send you a picture of the card number. That way all your pictures would be linked on one account :slight_smile: Normally they just hand you a card there and they will all have different numbers.

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So, I could put multiple cards on one account after the fact? If so, that would be easy!

Yes. I’ve done it on my family trip of 17. Just remember to tell them not to put it on their account.