Memory Maker help, please

Hi, a friend has a WDW trip that overlaps w/mine, and we’d like to do a Memory Maker share. She has already purchased the Memory Maker service. My trip begins in a week, and hers begins five days afterward. She is travelling with an extended group of family (four households, I believe).

She and I are linked on MDE. I will ask her to link to my husband, as well. Is that all I need to do for our Memory Maker share? I understand that I will need to download my images from a designated “owner/leader” account, and I will leave the choice up to her whether she wants to give me the pw to her personal account or perhaps assign the Memory Maker to another person’s account.

Just trying to be certain I’m managing expectations and understanding correctly. Can anybody confirm or let me know where I’ve gone awry?


Sounds like you have everything on track. If your husband is on your MDE, she’ll need to use his name and your email to add him.

As far as the downloading, either works as long as you are directly connected to the account that will do the downloading. So if she decides to set up a dummy account, it won’t matter that you are connected to her. You’ll need to be directly connected to the account that holds the memory maker.

Other than that, some people get a little nervous when they still see watermarks while traveling, but that’s normal. Only the MM owner sees clear pictures once the MM is activated. Have fun!

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Sharing Disney’s Memory Maker.pdf (2.2 MB)

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Hope it helps.

@cjandres, Thank you so much for the helpful tips! I really appreciate it.

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@Colleen68 It definitely helps a lot. Thank you!