Memory Maker Group Share

I’m in a memory maker share group. He just gave my wife an invite, so she’ll be joining the group.
Right now, she’s the only one with a Disney Mobile account. It has me and our 3 kids (12,15,16) listed on it. Her and I are both going to have magicbands. My kids will probably end up getting cards to use (in case one needs to go back to the resort on their own to unlock the door).
My question is, should we each create our own Disney mobile accounts? Or can we just all use hers?
My concern is, if I create my own disney mobile account, then when I scan my magicband for photos they won’t goto the memory maker share group. I remember in the past, the memory maker share can be glitchy when using other accounts.

Only the accounts that are friended to the memory share will have access to the photos.

So, do you think we should just have the 1 single disney mobile account? And not make separate accounts? That way it’ll work with the memory maker.
Having a single account for everyone shouldn’t cause any problems correct?

reading through this helped

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I’m still not sure if there’s any down side to just using one disney account for all people?