Memory maker group for Dec. 2019

Looking for a group to join. Our dates are Dec 15 thru Dec 21

I’d join a group as well. 11/27 - 12/7.

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My dates are 12/13-12/21 and I’d love to join a share!

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I found this info if anyone is willing to lead.

Let’s go through the process step-by-step:

  1. Find someone that is traveling within 30 days of you that you could split the cost with. You could split it with more than one person if you’d like. If you are traveling with friends and/or family, then they would be the perfect ones to split this cost with.
  2. Link your My Disney Experience account with the people you plan to split Memory Maker with. You just need to go to your Family & Friends List in My Disney Experience and “Add a Guest”. Once they accept to connect with you, they will be added to your Friends & Family list.
  3. One of the accounts will need to assume responsibility for the purchase of Memory Maker and you will have to make separate arrangements on how you will split the cost and collect everyone’s payment.
  4. Once all your accounts are connected and Memory Maker is purchased, you will all be able to see each other’s Photopass photos on your My Disney Experience accounts.

Only the person that paid for the Memory Maker will have access to download the digital prints, so you will need to arrange how everyone will access their photos. If you completely trust them, you could allow them to log in to your account so that they could download them themselves. Alternatively, you could download the digital photos for them, and upload them to a file sharing service such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

t’s important to note that Memory Maker photos are only available on your account for 45 days after the photo was taken, so you will want to make sure you download them in a timely manner before they disappear. If you would like to extend the expiration date, Disney does offer an option to extend it an additional 15 days at an extra cost.

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Looking for a group! Travel dates are 12/1-12/7

Has anyone found a group to join?

I have purchased the memory maker for 12/4-12/10. I read the directions on how to share photos, doesn’t sound too difficult. I’m just not real tech savvy with the whole downloading to google and stuff.

It doesn’t seem to difficult. I have been in shares before just haven’t been over one

I will be there 12/10-12/14 and I am interested depending on what price works out to be. There are 2 in our party.

If @DISNEYWIFE19 was the lead and @tball69, you and I all split with her, we could do it for $42.25/share. @kerrilux would need to be the lead to be in the share as her dates are first. That one could include @tajmu31180 and would bring the cost down to $28/share.

Keep me posted, we have plenty of time it seems, feel free to private message me if I go MIA, I’m definitely interested, but may miss a response here.

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I actually joined a different group. The planner in me got too anxious!!!

Also how does this work? I am staying offsite, so I don’t think we get magic bands, right? How does the photographer link to MDE?

We are there Dec 8 - 12. Two couples already sharing so looking for a couple others. Anyone during that time looking to share? I can purchase for $84.

I would love to join your group.

Okay, I’ll direct message you!


You do not need a magic band for memory maker. You will miss out on in ride photos and videos. You will get a PhotoPass card (or I think they may be able to scan your ticket - I’m guessing in the app).

Here’s an explainer:

Might be interested depending on cost. Price is per family? There are 6 of us.

Dates are 12/10-17 :slight_smile:

I’m interested in joining a group! My dates are 12/4-12/8. I’m also willing to lead if needed; I was in a group April 2016 and led one September 2018 so I have a pretty good handle on how to do it. :slight_smile: