Memory maker for the 24 hour day

Hi I am looking to find a group share for the May memory maker. With so many of us going I know someone has one they want to share.

Id like to share to please

I would like it if it’s doable…how can it be done?

we have 3 now to split the cost…how do we do this?

I did one in sept but didn’t run it. Let me find the info and I’ll post it we will need to set up a dummy my disney experience account.

Right now with three people it costs $170 not sure if there is tax. That would be $57 each. maybe we can get a couple more to sign up. :grinning: if not this is still way cheaper. I already set up the dummy account. We will wait a little longer til we know how many. I will keep you all posted.

Hi I would like to join. I’m pretty familiar with the process was part of 2 other groups before.

Great thats 4. Welcome

let me know $$, we are only coming down for 3 days and this is so cost effective like this. Thanks to all you for sharing with us.

If there is still any room in this group I would love to join! Will only be there the 22-23 so very low amount of pictures! Thanks

Yes we have room. I will buy the MM next weekend and let everyone know the price.

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Awesome thank you so much!

This is geat! Let me know what to do to share this and $$

Any updates?

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I would love to get in on the group to split Memory Maker if its not already too full. Not sure how exactly to do it, but with some research I think we can figure it out.

I was just reading about it. All you need to do is set up a dummy account on MDE, sign up for the memory maker through that account, and add everyone as friends to the dummy account (its important to not give the dummy account the ability to make/change plans you have).

Ok I’m in the car driving to florida from Michigan as I type. If I’ve added correctly we have six families. Please confirm You are still in. I am buying it now and will split it evenly amongst us. Once paid I will send you the info via email

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I’m still interested.

Still In.

I am interested in this. My trip dates are April 30 through May 4th and I sm not sure if that will work. If it will work then I will join in. My email is - thanks for putting this together.