Memory Maker for Off-site Guests

I am considering purchasing Memory Maker. There are 15 of us in our group and we will be in the parks 12/15-12/19. We won’t have magic bands as we are using military discount tix and staying at Wyndham’s Bonnet Creek. How can I share MM so I can have ride photos when we are not all together?

As far as I’m aware the only way to attach a photo to a MM without having magic bands is to have them scan the card that you get when you purchase it. And they only give you one card. It might be worth it to buy a couple of Magic Bands once you get there so that those can be used. I think you can even buy the bands beforehand now on the Disney Store site.

Thanks so much. I will look into doing that!

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Because bands for 15 would be super expensive you really only need one for each group that you will split into. Just make sure each person that gets a band also has an MDE account and that you’re link as friends and family so that they are all visible.

I am off property also. WDW Customer service told me that since I have a “My Disney Experience” account and my park tickets are tied to that account I will be able to use any of the tickets for my group. As well as the card they sent me. Just make sure that your Memory Maker is tied to your account.

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I just checked again and now I am getting conflicting information. You might want to check with Customer service yourself.

I called instead of the chat and they did confirm my original comment. If Memory Maker is tied to your My Disney Experience and your tickets are also on the account. Anyone can use their ticket for the Memory Maker

That’s good to know. I wonder if the tickets have long range RFID in them for the ride photos.

Thanks so much! That’s very helpful!!

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From what I’ve read, only the magic bands have the long range RFID. The cards need to be swiped at the kiosk. Also, the videos are only available to magic band holders.

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We are staying offsite and using Memory Maker this week. We have split up and I have the account and the card. My DH tried swiping his ticket which is linked to my MDE and only on 1 ride (SplM) did an attraction photo correctly link. Its a bit disappointing. I was trying to find out why and it looks like if I used my ticket and gave him the memory maker card it would have worked better. I probably should have bought him a magic band because those seem to work better. Only those with the Magic Bands can get the photo/video of SDMT (which they don’t tell you until after the ride).

What videos are you talking about?