Memory maker for a group

We are a Group of 10 visiting MK (Three families). Our reservations are made together and I have us all on My Disney account. Do we need more than one Memory Maker? If I buy one, can other people in the group use their Magic band to get their picture taken even if I am not there?

No you don’t need more than one as long as you are comfortable letting everyone log into your MDE after the trip for editing and downloading the photos. Only the account owning the MM entitlement can download or edit. Everyone needs to be linked as friends and family to your MDE and then all the photos they scan will be in your MDE. You don’t have to be with them.

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Thank you so much!!

I asked my agent the same question. I didn’t want to have to take multiple pictures just so that each “plan” could get the photo. It certainly makes more sense to have one and ask for different pictures for the one…that way you can see them all.

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