Memory Maker Fail?

Has anyone not had a Memory Maker share work? I love the idea of getting it and love the idea even more of saving money on it, but it would be a huge disappointment if something happened and it didn’t work.

All of my shares have worked thus far but I also have been the leader. There is a certain level of risk so you need to be cautious. Everyone in your share gets the login information for the dummy or MM assigned account. Any of them COULD change to password and lock others out or re assign the MM to another MDE. Worst case if your share fails you are out the money you paid to share BUT you can still get your photos. The photos are linked to you MDE so if the worse happens when you return you can pay the $199 for the non advance purchase and download all your photos. Also make sure your share is not too large. The more photos you have the slower the system will become. I like to stay right around 4-5 travel groups of normal sized familys (2-6 people) with normal length trips (7 days or less). If you have a larger group in your share (family with 10-15 people) or families going for 7 plus days, I would even keep that lower than the 4-5.