Memory Maker Entitlement?

I read that only the person with entitlement (im assuming this is the person who sets up the account) can edit and download photos. If this is true, then how does this work with groups of strangers who do a memory maker share?

They set up dummy accounts and share the passwords/logins I think.

@mumcalsop is correct. The person who is going to actually pay sets up a dummy account and all the folks in the share are added as friends and given the login/password to the dummy account. I was part of a share in Sept and this was how it worked. Pictures can be downloaded as many times as you want in the time frame (30 days after the first download, I think)

No problems editing pics either??

It just requires coordinating. If you’re participating in a share, you definitely have to have some flexibility about when you’ll be downloading and editing. Our group gave each person a dedicated day to download, and another to edit. From there, we would just “negotiate” with each other. I use the quotes because there wasn’t really any negotiating, everyone in my group was very accommodating of each other.

So if everyone is given the login/password can everyone in the group see each others pictures?