Memory Maker download recently

Has anyone recently done a download of Memory Maker photos? It used to be easy, but tonight, I’m about ready to tear my hair out.

Chrome complains that I have a popup blocker (who doesn’t?). Then when I try to do it in Edge, it says it’s working, but nothing happens. It will give me the ‘download’ screen, but nothing happens.

What am I doing wrong?

I did it recently on my Mac without any problems. Are you trying to download one at a time or a bunch? I just downloaded a whole batch.

Have you checked the download folder on your computer or on your browser to see if maybe it did do it, but just didn’t do it where you could see?

It is annoying. You have to allow pop ups for the website in order to download them from Chrome. After I did that when I tried to only do a little at a time the page would crash and then I would have to close my browser and go back in. Finally I just hit select all media and downloaded them all at once. That seemed to work the best. It used to be a lot easier.

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I finally got it to work last night by chunking it. Yes, I had to allow popups. But then, I ended up with all the downloads that I’d tried to get the first 5 times. So multiples of the same thing. I haven’t gone through them, yet, but I’ll have to see delete my extras.

Oh, and it seems I got another family’s very cute photos with their little girl. They were in front of us in line. I hope they got them, too. I don’t care that they’re in my folder (although I’m apprehensive about mine being in someone else’s folder), as long as mine are there, too.