Memory Maker download question -- all at once?

DO I have to download one photo at a time? Or is there a way to download all photos at once?

There IS a way to download in large batches. I forgot how, but there should be a link somewhere that say download photos that walks you through the process. Use your computer’s browser.

Found a video that shows you how:

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You can do a bulk download, but it’s all or nothing (or at least it was the last time I did it). You get no choice as to file names or directory structure. It may also download a lot of general interest images included by Disney, some of which are very good, they’re just not personalized in anyway to you. Bulk download is handy if you have a lot of pictures, but you will spend some time afterwards reviewing, naming, and organizing your files.

thanks, everyone. My husband is ready to throw his laptop through a window.


I just downloaded a years worth of pictures and was able to do them in groups. It wasn’t too bad this time, other years I just ordered the $30 CD so as not to have to deal with it. This year I was easily able to download them to a flash drive.


The download process is absolutely painful

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